What 15 things have you stopped doing in your life?

  • Stopped using Social Media- I used to be a social media addict till last year. Then one day decided to deactivate it as it was impacting my mental health. It's been 3 months and now i'm feeling much better mentally.


  • Having sex with multiple partners. - I used to have the numerous partners at one time. Monday Sue, Tuesday Sara, etc. None of these women knew about the others, often more than one partner in a day, it was disrespectful and I felt dirty.
  • Began drinking more water - I use to only drink water from dinner in bed, now I drink it throughout the day. My body has been thanking me
  • Getting into arguments. - I no longer will engage with people in those types of situations. If we want to discuss something, even if it's a sensative subject, that's fine but the second it goes to a personal attack, or an attack on ones belief system, I leave.
  • Show my anger - I don't let others see me angry. I know when I am getting angry and I isolate myself away from people until I have calmed down. This ties into #3 because I would getad take it out on someone and argue. It was a quick way to release those frusterations but it's healthier to work through it on my own.
  • Minimize things with my medical or mental health providers. - Not feeling well? Something hurt a lot? Tell them the truth and extent of things. They can't read my mind and need to know.
  • Spend money on food and drinks outside of groceries. - once in a great while I will grab a coffee on lunch break but never more than $2. Water is generally fine, and if I didn't get it grocery shopping I don't need it. My pocket book has thanked me
  • Ignoring bills. - They aren't going away, and that $15 bill you got on the mail will add up. Don't have the $ to pay it, call the company and explain. You will have to pay it eventually.
  • Deleting old contacts - I went through my phone deleted any old contacts who I haven't spoken to in more than three months ( Family doesn't count). If we haven't talked recently we have no reason to talk now. That ex girlfriend you may hit up when bored and lonesome. No reason to do that. Call your family instead.
  • Having a lot of clutter. This was tough for me, but when I found an organization system that works for me I stick to it. All that extra crap and clutter, it needs to get donated or tossed, a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind.
  • Talk about things that happened at work. I used to just vent and vent about things going on at work. Coworker stepped on my toes I would talk about it. Boss on my case someone is going to hear about it. Now I leave work at work, if something happened that I can talk to a co worker about to vent, then I shouldn't vent, if I can't talk to a coworker I talk to my boss, if I can't share it with them, then I shouldn't tell others. This doesn't mean I won't say I had a good day, or work was tough, but outside of that, people don't need to know. I deal with a lot of protected information and would never share that with anyone outside of work, but if Bob doesn't fill up the car, sue doesn't sign paperwork in time, I never share. I give that place 40 hours a week from my life, and i don't need to give it more.
  • Stopped the habit of not trying new things- These past few months I've started learning Adobe Illustrator which i used to think was not made for me.
  • Stopped waiting for others' reply- I used to wait hours and hours for a reply from that one single person, which led me to waste my precious time.
  • Stopped hating others- There was a time when I used to hate many of my classmates for no reason.

  • Stopped shying away from eye contact- There was a time when I couldn't even hold eye contact for more than a few sec with anyone. Now, whenever I talk to someone, I always make sure to keep eye contact.

  • Stopped checking my phone every few mins- I remember my daily phone unlocks was used to be around 150. Now it's only 30-40.

  • Stopped keeping a serious face- There was a time when i used to have a serious face all the time everywhere I went. Now I always keep a smile on my face, no matter what.

  •  Stopped watching Netflix - I used to spend hours and hours on a show or a movie. For the past few months, I haven't opened Netflix as I find it to be a time-wasting app.

I know my English sucks but I'm here only to improve my writing skills. And, at last i belong to a very small village in Bihar. My name is Parul So please don’t judge me by my mistakes. I’m trying to improve my flaws.

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