Body weight gain diet plan and food chart

Muscle and weight gain diet plan

Nowadays, most of the people are suffering from obesity, but there are some people who are worried about their thin body. The disease resistance ability of such people starts weakening. Health is also an important factor in gaining weight. Therefore, thin people should adopt a healthy lifestyle. Weight can also be gained through proper diet and exercise.

weight gain diet plan


To lose weight, and consume high calorie foods diet.

To lose weight you need to eat a high calorie diet. For this, wheat flour, rice, potato, full cream, milk, semolina, jaggery etc. should be included in the diet. Apart from this, one should consume Sapodilla (Chikku) and lychee, dates every morning. You can drink honey made at home with ghee, butter, milk.


Eat home cooked fast food

Homemade laddus, milkshake, boiled gram, paneer sandwich, sago halwa should be eaten twice between meals.


Eat high protein diet

Due to loss of weight, muscles also become weak, hence to strengthen the muscles, one should consume protein rich food items including cowpea, chickpeas, lentils, fish, eggs, chicken etc.


Serve plenty of fruits and vegetables

You can eat dates with gram and grapes, custard. Among the vegetables, you can eat the ones grown in the garden like potatoes and carrots.


Consumption of dry fruits is beneficial.

Eating more than 300 to 400 calories per day can help in losing weight. Soak raisins overnight or eat them in the morning. You will start seeing the difference in 2 to 3 months as raisins help in converting fat into healthy calories. Eating walnuts would also be a good option to lose weight because it contains monounsaturated fat. This is in great demand.


Eat protein rich food along with exercise.

It is very important to exercise, you can exercise with the help of a fitness trainer, it will strengthen your body. To lose weight, eat protein rich food after exercise, it will help in muscle growth. You can boil paneer and eat boiled chicken.


Stay away from junk food

Consumption of junk food should be minimized as it leads to weight gain in wrong way and the body has to face such diseases hence stay away from junk food.

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